Sophie Pollini Peintre

Press Review


Sophie is attuned to the beauty of nature without getting trapped in Representation. Through open spaces slightly punctuated by pictorial signs, our imagination takes over and we might envision flowers or landscapes.
One must get passed and beyond the physical frame and they might hear the chromatic breath getting closer and closer to a musical pause; A silence that follows the last notes of a composition. Reality is filtered through the sensual delight of her palette, the energy of her gesture and the glistening of the materials until only the essential remains. This is the whole magic of this young artist. Extract, AZART mag # 39, Gérard Gamand (Chief Editor and Publishing Director), July 2009.

Informal Chromatist, most of the time; Black being banished, she uses colors that subtly relate to each other. After the storm (2002): Grey Blue cutting through blazing spaces. In Hurricane (2001), she takes on amethyst, with a taste of Old Testament. Garlands of golden yellow on amethyst background in Rainy Mimosa (2006); Violet (2008): isolated on yet another amethyst ground; Amethyst again: this heart, suspended on a bathroom tile: Elsa (2005).
Blue, Green, Purple all come together as beaches meeting ends: Wet landscape (2007), mental spaces in which our imagination is let to run wild.
Jean -Pierre Delarge (Editor and author), September 2009.

Presse :

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